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Team Talk: Nov 16, 2023

Administration Ministry Team

Meeting Minutes by Moderator Newman McAllister

The Administration Ministry Team met on November 16. Those present were Pastor Darlene Avery, Moderator Newman McAllister, Treasurer Sunde King and  Member Vaughn Drinen (by Zoom).


Pastor Darlene reported that pastoral care continues with chronic illness and accidents. Pastor has taken three weeks of vacation this year and is due another week, which she may take in January. She is officiating at Kandi and Zach Yarnell’s wedding on November 18 at the church, with a reception thereafter in Tatter Hall. The Yule Day celebration for Green Mountain Falls is December 2  and CWW is offering a public concert/service of Advent & Christmas Hymns on December 17. The Ute Pass Chamber is helping financially sponsor some Yule Day festivities at CWW and the string quarter for Advent Concert/Service. She met with Scott Levy recently in planning for the 2024 Green Box Festival, which is from July 1 – 14. The festival’s use of the church and the payment to the church will be much the same as 2023. Pastor is starting a six-week Advent/Christmas Bible Study called "The Making of a Messiah: What Six Hidden Women Can Teach Us about Jesus." After time to discern her best place to serve in community activities, she is resigning from the Ute Pass Chamber Board of Directors, but will continue to be a collaborator on behalf of CWW with community events. A number of new people have been participating at CWW for some time; a new member class in January may be appropriate. 


Sunde presented the October Treasurer's report. All income was $6,795.11 and all expenses were $9,679.42, for a negative balance for the month of $2,884.31. In terms of tithes/offerings and other regular income, year-to-date church income is behind expenses by $34,081. The $100,000 proceeds of the sale the Sallie Bush Community Center are able to cover the shortfall; however, best stewardship practices would seek to preserve as much of that money as possible as financial reserves. Sunde also presented a November 15 mid-month report for the Food Pantry that showed a balance of $3,296.70.


Vaughn is still checking on a new monitor that would tell us if there is water in the basement. Both boilers are working well. Jeff Chapman has not yet submitted the final report on the Kirkpatrick Grant for the renovation of the church, which should be done by the end of the year. There is $747.35 remaining from grant funds. Only one of the lights is working in the two-light fixture that illuminates the east outside stairway. The lighting should be improved on the west outside stairway. The solar lights aren’t sufficient. The doors downstairs have never been painted. Newman will advertise for volunteers. There is a lot of carpet and padding in the basement, left over from the do-over of the VanArsdale Room. The vendor of the carpet may have mistakenly sent much more carpet and padding than the church paid for. Vaughn will inquire of the vendor if it wishes the extra amount returned.  If not, a sale will be pursued.


After attending an introduction to Web of Care training, an affordable alternative to Stephen Ministry training for lay caregivers, several ministry and mission lay leaders and team members believe this training would be beneficial. Originally the Broadmoor Community Church was co-participating, but decided not to. Rev. ElizabethThompson of Eremos Consulting, the creator and facilitator of this program, is willing to reduce her normal fee to make it affordable for us to complete the training, but that would still likely be in the $2,000.00 range, which normally includes 24 hours of training, some of which might be done by Zoom. May of next year might be a good month. Pastor will find out how many interested persons would commit to this training. If there is sufficient commitment the Admin Team would be willing to consider committing to funding.


Pastor would like the church to allow her two weeks a year of paid mission work in order to serve as a chaplain in Red Cross deployment, which could be anywhere in the country. It will give her valuable experience for our shelter operations. Volunteers on such deployments receive no compensation except expenses. Upon motion of Vaughn, and a second by Newman, a change in the call agreement to so provide was approved unanimously. Newman will revise the agreement.


The next team meeting will be on Thursday, January 4, 2024, at 3:30 p.m.


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