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Wildwood Food Pantry

What if you could make a bigger difference than you think?

The Wildwood Food Pantry continues to serve our neighbors who face food shortages. Through the grace of God, generous donations, and our amazing volunteers, our little pantry has been able to stay open throughout the entire pandemic and through these now trying economic times. As a Guest Choice Pantry, guests are able to select the items they need and will use from a menu (as supplies are available).

Pantry service is from 1:30-3:00pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. If possible, we ask guests to contact us in advance via email or phone 719-684-9427 to help us better serve you quickly and efficiently. By providing an email address, we can email you an updated menu. If you are a new guest or unable to contact us ahead of time, you can fill out a menu when you arrive.

We are only able to lend a hand to our neighbors due to the generous donations of our community as we are not sponsored via the government or state. Our pantry was designed this way so that no one in need of food is ever turned away, nor required to go through government qualifying to feed their families. Our mission is to never see a child or neighbor go hungry. We provide up to 3 days of meals (as supplies are available) to any family in need (we don’t recognize county/city lines). That need has grown unimaginably bigger due to the pandemic and rising costs of living:

2019 = 375 neighbors helped

2020 = 2,440 neighbors helped

(with Farm to Family fresh food boxes)

2021 = 1,696 neighbors helped

2022 (through Nov 20) = 1,100 neighbors helped

Sadly the need remains high. If this trend continues, this year we estimate that we will again be serving over 4 times the average number of guests typically served prior to the pandemic.

We are a Guest Choice Pantry. Guests select their items from a menu (based on availability).

You can make a bigger difference than you think

During the pandemic, the overwhelming generosity of the community was astounding. As we rebound, charitable giving has dropped-off dramatically nationwide. People are understandably pandemic-weary, however there is still a large need in our community. Food donations are always welcome, yet monetary donations go much farther in serving the needs of our local families and children.

Our food pantry volunteers are experts at shopping sales, consistently saving 40-80% by utilizing weekly sales, comparison shopping and couponing. Monetary donations and store gift cards also allow us to address specific needs in our inventory. We pride ourselves on being a Guest Choice Pantry, allowing guests to choose exactly what they need and will use to feed their families. This has also helped cut down on the overall amount of food given out per guest, as they are provided with only what they can and will use. We can't thank all of you enough for your continued support.

How to Help

We appreciate each and every one of you for helping us to help our neighbors. You make this possible! We are here to give out the donations that you provide through:

  • Grocery Gift Cards: for Walmart, Safeway, Dollar Tree, and City Market. Grocery gift cards are especially helpful as we're able to quickly get items on sale when they are available.

  • Food donations: foods must be sealed and within expiration dates.

  • Donate online. This link directs funds specifically to the food pantry.

  • Checks made out to "Church in the Wildwood – Wildwood Food Pantry."

  • Know that some of the costs of the pantry mission are also born by the church itself, which provides space and utilities and staff time, so contributing to our general fund helps the pantry, too.

  • Please mail checks to: Church in the Wildwood UCC, ATTN: Wildwood Food Pantry, PO Box 26, Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819.

Food donations may be dropped off during the office hours listed on our website. If these times don't work for you, we will gladly arrange a time that does.

Please contact us:



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