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Karl Huseboe

Beloved member of Church in the Wildwood.

This is a heartfelt remembrance of our dear member, Karl Huseboe of Green Mountain Falls.

A beloved member of the Church in the Wildwood community, Karl went home to eternal life on Friday Sep. 16, 2022. Karl and his wife Helen were lovingly married for twenty-three years. Following his passing, an outpouring of messages came to the church celebrating Karl's life and mourning his passing. Many contain stories of Karl's spirited personality and loving kindness. They are included below:

Karl and Helen - we all have received the gift of Karl’s wonderful reading in church. He also shared his time and voice to read to the folks recovering at Forest Ridge Rehab Center. A man of great faith, Karl spent several years presenting worship services every Sunday at Forest Ridge. He read the Bible every single day. “Out loud!” says Helen.

You may remember Karl walking his dogs through town every day. Great Dane or Giant Schnauzer, sometimes Karl walked them and sometimes they walked him. Unable to train any of the dogs to clear the pesky geese off his lawn, Karl could be seen in early mornings displaying his Norwegian heritage by running the geese off himself with his broom.

Karl never met a dessert he didn’t like, but being diabetic meant he often got necessary but unsolicited advice from his friends. The twinkle in his eyes always let us know whether the advice was going to be taken to heart. Karl was no shrinking violet—no one was ever left in doubt as to where they stood with him. Assertive, outspoken, and full of clarity, he was never foggy about what he thought. Underlying any spirited discussion, there was unerring kindness for his fellow human beings. “And the mountains shall bring peace to the people.” May the mountains keep bringing peace to Karl and to Helen.

Chris and Deb

Thank you for keeping me informed with the news from Church in the Wildwood. I miss you all and I was saddened to hear of Karl’s passing. I will always remember Karl for his warm, welcoming smiles and his silly Ole and Lena jokes. He told me a lot of those jokes since we shared a Norwegian family history. We also shared a love for art and I loved seeing his photographs gracing the walls of the church. Thank you for gracing my life too, Karl. My heartfelt condolences to all who knew Karl, especially dear Helen and other family members. Love and peace to all at Church in the Wildwood!

Ellen Barry

Karl was the most animated member of the congregation. His wit was incredibly sharp and he never missed an opportunity to throw out a barb. If you chose to verbally cross swords with him you might well meet your match. A delightful gentleman with a good heart, Karl loved to read to the congregation and had such a flair for it. When he could no longer do it, a big piece of him was torn away. His depth of faith assures all of us that he is with the Lord and we will see him again. While we are in this life, we will greatly miss him. Karl, so glad we got to be a part of sending you off to Heaven! Remember your sayings and humor! Love you, see you when we get there!

The Browns

This thread from many of us on the prayer team has been such an affirmation of the one and only Karl and the distinct way he touched our lives. Peter and I returned from travels after Karl's passing but had a truly inspiring visit with Helen this week. "It was a good death," she said. "Just how Karl wanted." She is an inspiration.

Linda Seger & Peter LeVar

A couple memories came up for me as I reflected with gratitude:

~ His voice! I often close my eyes during the scripture reading so I can listen more deeply and quiet distractions. When we first started attending Church in the Wildwood in 2015, Karl was the lector pretty much always. And did the words come alive! After a few months I told him after the service how touched I was by his reading (I didn’t know him at all). "Oh!" he exclaimed. "I thought you always slept through the readings!" "No, no," I said. "I just like to close my eyes so I can really sink into the scripture! With Your voice I totally immerse in the reading." "Well," he replied. "Whatever you're doing, I'm just glad you're AWAKE!" So funny! When I started serving as an occasional lector, Karl would often comment afterwards: "Good job with those names" or "Too close to the mic!" I felt honored to be a kindred spirit at the lectern.

~ Another memory was when I was on the Search Committee with Karl for a new pastor after David Shaw's exit. We'd each come up with a question to ask candidates, mostly related to their experience with small churches, ideas for growing, how to balance tradition and change, etc. I remember Karl listening respectfully, until there was a lull and someone asked if there were any more questions. "Yes!" Karl said. "If a child came to you and told you his dog died and asked if she was in heaven now, what would you say?" Such a thoughtfully crafted question. (His great Dane Misty was in her golden years then). I think the committee members learned more about the candidates through their response to that question more than any other. Some went on and on about the theology of salvation and animals and the nature of heaven and some were short and sweet. I’m sure you can guess the reply of the candidate he wanted most!

Thank you God for Karl. Karl, we miss you.

Jane Scanlon

"When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be...." to have Karl Huseboe welcome us. With tears in my eyes and rejoicing in my heart, I share the news that our beloved Karl passed peacefully into eternal. He was surrounded by loved ones, his Hospice nurse, and Rev. Darlene. Rest in peace, Mr. Huseboe!

Sue Frindt

Harry and I were so sorry to hear of Karl's passing. Just wanted to send these pics to you so you can get them to the right folks for the memory book. I know that you and he were close, especially when it came to photography! He and Helen visited us in Ridgway. He will definitely be missed!!

Harry and Anna Strong

Karl - So happy that you made it to the Promised Land. I am sure that you are feeling safe and comfortable. We had some good times together, running errands and getting Dairy Queen. I miss you already but I am truly happy for you.

Joe Guido

We entertained one of God's angels here at Church in the Wildwood. We all wish Karl could have stayed longer, but thank God for the time we did have him. He returned to his heavenly home with love and left his earthly home with love.

Karen Jacobson

God bless Karl! Martha Crabbs

Karl always had a quip for what was happening, and I always enjoyed his dry sense of humor. Karl and Helen are a wonderful couple and made me smile when I was around them. Karl and Helen are both much loved, and Karl will be missed terribly. He went the way he lived - peacefully and with dignity. I know he is in a wonderful place, with his beloved God.

Craig Gooding

Karl and Helen, you both have always held a special place in our hearts. We love you!

Tom and Rebecca Janecek

We love you Karl. Heaven is rejoicing now. You were always so kind and welcoming to us.

Vickie and Pam

Until we meet again Carl. The world has lost a remarkable man and heaven has gained an Angel. I’m sure when we meet again, you will be reading scripture with your commanding presence like the first time I met you in this world. Have a blessed day.

Vaughn Drinen

Love you Karl. I’m sure you had a grand welcome into God’s arms. The hard part is over. Enjoy what is ahead❤️

Lynda Martinez

He’s such an amazing man! Mindy Bayne

Oh, Karl. He was a spark of joy and humor for us in the short time we knew him. I’ll miss his quips and that unrivaled voice. Picture Karl walking up the steps at Church in the Wildwood on a Sunday morning: Me: Morning, Karl! How ya doing? Karl: (stopping and looking directly at me, answering in his Charles Kuralt/Katherine Hepburn bass voice) Inside every 80-year-old man is a 15-year-old boy wondering, “What the hell happened!” Irreverent wording at church aside, he made my day!

Carrie DeValk

Helen, So sorry for your loss. Karl will be greatly missed!

Katie Davis Gardner

I've had the honor of having several special memories of/with Karl over the years that it's hard to narrow it down. One set of memories sticks out in my mind. Years ago, when my back pain really started "kicking in", after a long week, Karl walked up to me, looked me in the eyes and asked "You ok?", without thinking I said "Yes." he scoffed and left with Helen to go to fellowship upstairs. Later that week is when my doctor diagnosed my back issue (Degenerative Disc Disorder) and the long road to treatment began (That I'm still on). Karl walked up again and asked "You ok?", this time I said, "No, but I'm getting there." this time he smiled and said "Aren't we all?" and left with Helen to go to fellowship upstairs. To this day, I think he looked at me, and knew something I didn't consciously.

Ryoga Habiki


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