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Team Talk: Sep 22, 2022

Administration Ministry Team

Meeting Minutes by Moderator Newman McAllister.

The Administration Ministry Team met on September 22, 2022. Those present were Pastor Darlene Avery, Moderator Newman McAllister, Treasurer Sunde King, Member Linda Seger and member Vaughn Drinen.

Pastor was on vacation from September 6 through September 11. Pastor reported that the Mary Ann Davis Nursery Room was dedicated in a private ceremony with her family. As a result of her Red Cross mass care training, she has a good feel for the various volunteer roles that need to be filled in order to staff the church Red Cross shelter. She will be moving forward with the Red Cross to recruit and specially train a local volunteer strike team. Pastor has identified challenges to serving as the conference center coordinator in the long term, but she is still committed to helping launch it.

There will be a special holiday service of lessons and carols at the church on Sunday, December 11, at 7:00 p.m. promoted in the wider community. There will be Christmas Eve services on Saturday evening, 12/24, but no church service on Sunday morning, Christmas Day. Initial surveying indicate that people will wish to honor their personal and family Christmas traditions on Christmas Day. The current compensation for guest ministers is $150.00 and it should be increased. The bass speaker is not working on the organ and Teresa Allen is seeking a temporary solution.

Sunde reported the August results. All income was $10,393.92 and all expenses were $13,310.35, for a negative balance for the month of $2,916.43, but with a positive balance for the year of $20,840.29.

The name plates for the various church rooms have been installed, thanks to Linda and Heidi. In July Newman requested that the church’s casualty insurance be increased to $3,565,000.00. The endorsement has not been received. The policy renews in October. Improvements are proceeding on the computer system although some of the network switches are still not installed. It would be helpful to have LUX, the church’s consultant on the AV system, schedule a time at the church to educate all who run the system. This could include Jeff Chapman, Teresa Allen, Vaughn and Cactus Caldwell. Linda volunteered to take on the scheduling.

Carla Chapman continues to work on the drainage out front. Ian Elliott has painted Pastor’s office and the front steps. He also will paint or stain the doors to the classrooms downstairs. The pressure test on the church’s water intake must be done by the end of September.

The church has no use for the small pump organ that sits in Patchell Hall. Sunde will research its history. The 2023 congregational spending plan will be discussed at the October team meeting.

The next regular meeting is on Thursday, October 20, 2022, at 3:00 p.m.

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