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Team Talk: Aug 18, 2022

Administration Ministry Team

Meeting Minutes by Moderator Newman McAllister.

The Administration Ministry Team met on August 18, 2022. Those present were Pastor Darlene Avery, Moderator Newman McAllister, Treasurer Sunde King, Member Linda Seger and guests Jeff and Carla Chapman.

Pastor reported that Bronc Day and Cowboy Sunday were successful. She had a memorial service and a wedding. On September 17, there will be a dedication of the Mary Ann Davis Nursery. She will return to hosting "Coffee and Conversation" on Wednesdays. The newsletter continues to be an effective communication tool because it reaches so many who are friends but not members. The church’s Handbell Conference scheduled for October 1 - 2 is receiving a good response. Pastor is absent from the pulpit on September 4 (off-site wedding rehearsal) and on September 11, when she will be on vacation. There will be a hymn sing on the 4th. Scott Allen preaches on the 11th.

Sunde reported that the July financial results were not yet available. Heidi and Linda will install the name plates for church rooms. The memorial services reception fees presented at the June meeting were revised. The changes were: a calendar day is $750, a half calendar day (four hours) is $375 and the hourly rate is $90, rather than $135. Newman signed a one year IT services’ contract with Digital Mishap Technical Services to maintain the church’s three desktop computers, four Intel NUC appliances, five network switches, sound equipment and AV equipment. The contract can be canceled with 60 days notice and the monthly cost is $220 plus $35 per hour for extra work. Jeff and Carla continue with the renovation. Carla showed the team what an off-white paint would look like at the rear of the sanctuary and the team approved the color change.

The team agreed that the four staff members will each receive a bonus calculated as 15% of their expected gross earnings from October 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022. An anonymous donor has agreed to fund the bonuses, which will cost $2,158.

There is considerable gravel wash down Hondo Street into the church’s parking lot. Pastor believes the town would give the church permission to conduct a better barrier in the street to divert the dirt beyond the parking lot. After a heavy rain the town plows the parking lot. Teresa Allen obtained an estimate from Schulmerich Bells Co. to refurbish the church’s handbells for the sum of $2,152, to be done in January 2023. A 50% deposit is required to secure the date, which the team approved. The church will enter into a four way covenant with Derek Krehbiel. The date for the 2022 annual congregational meeting was set for Sunday, November 6, 2022, immediately after morning worship. Heidi prepared a conference center packet which was presented shortly prior to the team meeting. It will be reviewed at the September meeting.

The next regular meeting is on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 3:30 p.m.


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